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Hello! I am very glad, that you have glanced in my website. I hope, you will like my pupils!

For the first time small French Bulldog has appeared in my house in 1993. Since then I can not picture my life without these amusing, cheerful and sociable robust fellows[(img2)]. I their constant fanatic.

I do not perceive "frenchy" as dogs. It is small interesting nationality from the parallel world. At everyone the character, the habits, the mimicry.

And when "frenchy" stares in to your eyes, becomes a shame that we, people so are defective that the dog ideas are not capable to read.

If you still face to a choice: what breed to get, leave doubts - ONLY the FRENCH BULLDOG!

Era Verzhak

Russia, Rostov-on-Don

tel. <_XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = SKYPE />(863)222-64-06

b. 8-950-845-31-72, 8-905-487-08-08 (WatsAp)

e-mail: era40@mail.ru